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Pulsar Ellipse

  • 300 / 1200 VA
  • USB / RS232
  • 6 / 7 outlets
  • Stand by
Intended for PC and Mac users, Pulsar Ellipse USBS protects home and office configurations ranging from stand alone PCs to workgroup servers. Three power levels are available in different versions for optimal application protection.

Nova AVR

  • 600 - 1100VA
  • Line Interactive
  • Web / SNMP monitoring
The Nova AVR is equipped with protection for data lines to prevent surges and the destruction of sensitive electronic components.


  • 650 / 3,000VA (1/2U)
  • Line Interactive
  • Software Incl.
  • 1U rack only @ 1,550VA
  • 2 Load segments
  • USB and RS232 ports
Ideal for Network devices, Rack-mounted servers, Conventional rack-mounted or tower servers & Network storage systems.


  • 700 / 1500VA (2U)
  • True On Line
  • 0.9 PF
  • Hot Swappable batteries
  • 2 Load segments
  • USB and RS232 ports
Ideal protection for Servers, data storage, network equipment, Telephony, VoIP & Medical equipment - Industrial processes.

Pulsar EX

• True double-conversion
• Hot-swappable batteries
• Two load segments
• USB and RS-232 ports
• Rack/tower configurations provide versatility
• High power factor provides more real power (watts) for more loads
• Four-post rail kit included with rack UPS
Ideal protection for servers, data storage, network equipment, telephony, VoIP and medical equipment—industrial processes.


pulsar EX RT

Pulsar EX RT

  • 700 / 3200 VA
  • True On Line
  • 2U height
  • Software Incl.
  • Ethernet Card
  • Online double conversion technology, tower or rack-optimized format.
  • High-performance 2U form factor for server applications at 2200 & 3200 VA
  • High-performance 2U and short-depth form factor for telecom and networking equipments at 700/1000/1500 VA power ranges

Pulsar MX

  • 5 / 20 kVA (3/16U)
  • True On Line
  • 0.9 PF
  • Modular UPS
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • 2 Load segments
  • USB and RS232 ports
High performance UPS upgradable from 5 kVA to 20 kVA that can be used for 20 to 110 servers, ideal for: departmental networks, servers and workstations.


  • Servers, whether rack-mounted or standing
  • Networking & VOIP
  • Storage
  • Telecom equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Sensitive electronic equipment in industrial environment
  • High-Density Server virtualization environment
  • 5/7/11 kVA (6U)
  • True On Line
  • Software Inc.
  • Fully Hot Swappable
  • Density optimized


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