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 Powerware UPS Series 3: Premium protection for your computer and accessories with 3 levels of power protection:

3 Levels of Power Protection Levels - hover over image for description of protection

Power Failure A total loss of utility power. Can be caused by a number of events; lightning strikes, downed power lines, grid over demands, accidents and natural disasters. Power failure can lead to hardware damage, data loss, or total system crashes.
Power Sags Short-term low voltage. Triggered by the startup of large loads, utility switching, utility equipment failure, lightning and power service that's too small for the demand. Similar to power failures, sags can damage the hardware.
Power Surges Also known as a Spike. Short-term high voltage above 110% of nominal. With voltages above 110% of nominal, surges can be triggered by a rapid reduction in power loads, heavy equipment being turned off, or by utility switching. The results can potentially damage hardware.


3s side

Powerware 3S 350-700 VA UPS

The Eaton 3S: Premium protection for your computer and accessories, networking and VoIP systems, and home entertainment devices. 3 Levels of Power Protection Levels.

Powerware 3105 350-700 VA

Powerware 3105 350-700 VA UPS

The compact Powerware 3105 UPS makes it affordable for the smallest offices and home offices to have surge suppression and backup power to protect PCs, peripherals, fax machines, and telephone equipment.

3110 UPS

Powerware 3110 300-700 VA UPS

Providing ideal power quality and backup power protection for PC-based applications, the Powerware 3110 UPS delivers the best power management option in a sleek, well-designed power protection unit that can fit either under a desk or can be wall-mounted.

3115 UPS

Powerware 3115 300-650 VA UPS

The Powerware 3115 UPS provides cost-effective power management and ensures backup power and power quality for PCs, network nodes, point-of-sale systems and computer peripheral devices. 


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