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 Powerware UPS Series 5: Ideal for small servers, Wiring Closets and TELCO equipment. Provides 5 levels of power protection:

5 Levels of Power Protection Levels - hover over image for description of protection

Power Failure A total loss of utility power. Can be caused by a number of events; lightning strikes, downed power lines, grid over demands, accidents and natural disasters. Power failure can lead to hardware damage, data loss, or total system crashes.
Power Sags Short-term low voltage. Triggered by the startup of large loads, utility switching, utility equipment failure, lightning and power service that's too small for the demand. Similar to power failures, sags can damage the hardware.
Power Surges Also known as a Spike. Short-term high voltage above 110% of nominal. With voltages above 110% of nominal, surges can be triggered by a rapid reduction in power loads, heavy equipment being turned off, or by utility switching. The results can potentially damage hardware.
Under Voltage Also known as Brownout. Reduced line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days. Can be caused by an intentional utility voltage reduction to conserve power during peak demand periods or other heavy loads that exceed supply capacity. Undervoltage can lead to equipment failure.
Over Voltage Increased line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days. Can send line voltages to levels in excess of 6,000 bolts. Overvoltage almost always results in data loss or hardware damage.



Powerware 5PX

Expandable runtime with additional EBM battery modules. Line interactive single phase UPS 1000 - 3000 VA series. Units can be a rack mount or a floor model as all parts are included. 99 percent efficient, meters energy consumption down to load segments with a sign wave output.


Powerware 5P

Stand-alone UPS with non-expandable runtime. Reliable enterprise class backup power with an efficiency rating of up to 99%. With its graphical LCD display you can view UPS status in a single glance and the 5P provides more available power than comparable UPSs. When paired with Intelligent Power Software Suite, the 5P allows you to seamlessly manage your connected equipment, even in virtualized environments.


Powerware 5SC

The 5SC offers pure sine wave output for sensitive equipment as well as buck and boost operation to correct a wide range of input voltage variations without going on battery. The flexible Eaton 5SC UPS delivers affordable and reliable protection for small business servers, storage and network equipment. The LCD interface provides clear status of UPS key parameters and allows configuration for output voltage, audible alarm and power input sensitivity. By using Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software with the 5SC UPS you get up-to-the-minute information on the status of power in your network.


Powerware 5S

The compact Eaton 5S UPS delivers backup power for desktop PCs and workstations. The Eco-Control capability enables you save up to 30 percent in energy consumption. You can also enhance your power protection and safeguard your data when you pair it with the Eaton UPS Companion software. The 5S displays critical UPS information on battery time and outage tracking through a user-friendly LCD interface. 

Powerware 5130 UPS


Powerware 5130

The 5130 is the latest design of the single phase tower or rack mount UPS with a .9 power factor! UPS size ranges from 1000VA to 3000VA. The 5130 resolves outages, sags, surges, under-voltage and over-voltage conditions—and supplies clean, conditioned power to all connected equipment.

5140 UPS


Powerware 5140 6000 VA UPS

The Powerware 5140 UPS power quality and backup power management solution is designed with unity power factor rating, meaning it is ideally suited to meet the requirements of today's Power Factor Corrected (PFC) loads. 

Powerware 5110 350-1500 VA


Powerware 5110 350-1500 VA UPS

The space-saving Powerware 5110 UPS provides surge suppression, voltage regulation and backup power to protect PCs, networking, and telephone equipment from the five most common power problems. 

5115 UPS


Powerware 5115 500-1400 VA UPS

The Powerware 5115 UPS offers excellent backup power protection and power quality management for PCs, small-office-home-office (SOHO) equipment, NT workstations, and small internet-working devices.


Powerware 5115RM 500-1500 VA UPS

The Powerware 5115 Rack mount UPS is a high-density power quality and backup power protection solution ideal for servers, storage systems, network equipment and other critical devices. 

5125 UPS


Powerware 5125 1000-2200 VA Tower/Desktop Model

For thePowerware 5125 rack mount UPS see next unit below

The Powerware 5125 Tower comes in 1000VA to 3000VA and the rack mount UPS ranges from 5000 to 6000VA. The UPS series provides advanced backup power and power quality management for PCs, workstations, and servers.

5125RM UPS


Powerware 5125RM 1000-6000 VA UPS

The Powerware 5125 two-in-one form factor can be a stand-alone tower or a rack mount unit. The new 5125RM 5000-6000VA is rack mount only. UPS provides advanced backup power and power quality management for PCs, workstations, and servers. 


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