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 Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS):

BladeUPS 12kW model

BladeUPS Power Systems:
3-Phase Uninterruptible Redundant Power System Expandable to 60KVA

Designed specifically for high-density N+1 computing environments, the Powerware BladeUPS delivers up to 60kW in a efficient, reliable power in a 6U standard rack space, including batteries. Expandable capacity by combining 12 kW modules in a building block fashion to deliver 60 kW of redundant backup power from a single rack enclosure. This powerful configuration delivers higher power density than competitive, modular solutions, while dissipating one-third of the heat.


93E 20-60 KVA UPS Series:
the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost

The Eaton 93E 3 Phase 20-60 KVA UPS with internal batteries up to 60 kVA delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the 93E delivers up to 98% efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint. The 93E provides an all-in-one solution that also reduces the complexity of installation and startup and provides maximum runtime. 93E Internal Batteries + EBC (External Battery Cabinets) For Extended Runtime.

9E  9E(4)

9E 20-60 KVA UPS Series: Replaced by the 93E Series
addresses ROI, energy costs, remote management, and efficiency

The Eaton 9E UPS is a 3 Phase UPS Double Conversion units available in a 20-30KVA and 40-60kVA Models. All units contain internal batteries. 98% efficient, qualifies for rebates and incentives from local utilities. The Eaton 9E UPS gives IT managers an easy way to manage the power in their data center, without having to worry about cost, space or downtime. Developed specifically for IT managers, the 9E confronts typical data center problems head on. It addresses ROI, energy costs, remote management, and efficiency…giving you more time to focus on other important data center issues. 9E Internal Batteries cannot add EBC (External Battery Cabinets).


93PM 50-100 KVA UPS Series:
combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability

The Eaton 93PM 3 Phase UPS scalable up to 50 - 100 KVA also offers N+1 redundancy with 480/ 208 VAC and 97% efficient in double conversion and 99% in ESS mode. The Eaton 93PM UPS combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability with eye-catching design. A space-saving, flexible device that’s as easy to deploy as it is to manage, it’s the perfect three-phase white or grey space solution for today’s data center.

9355_20_30kVA_lg  9355_40kva_lg

9355 10-30 kVA UPS Series:
Two product configurations: 10 - 15 kVA and 20-30 kVA (at 0.9 power factor)

The double-conversion, online Powerware 9355 UPS provides full-featured, efficient power protection in a compact tower about half the size of most competitor units on the market today — and is exceptionally easy to install and manage.

40 kVA*    40 kVA with Internal Battery

9390IT 40-160 kVA UPS Series:
Delivers simple plug-and-play power connections and expansion

The 9390IT offers data centers and facilities greater flexibility and simplicity than ever before. Not available on competitive UPSs in this class, the 9390IT delivers simple plug-and-play power connections and expansion. Now data centers and facilities no longer need to hire expensive electricians when adding equipment racks or changing floor layouts. By simply plugging in a compatible extension cable and/or ePDU, new racks can be powered in a matter of minutes.

Powerware 9395 Backup Power System
S3 Phase UPS (225 - 1100 KVA) 480VAC

The energy-efficient Power Xpert 9395 Backup Power System. This UPS is designed to provide backup power and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint for large data centers, healthcare applications, and other critical systems. With the ground-breaking Energy Saver System, which can be monitored and managed on its new LCD touchscreen, the 9395 operates at 99% efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years—without sacrificing reliability!

Power Xpert 9395C
Unity power factor monolithic 1MW rated UPS

The Eaton Power Xpert 9395C UPS is the 1 megawatt addition to the Power Xpert 9395 family of UPSs. This UPS integrates features that increase its value per square foot. The 9395C is compatible with both VRLA batteries and the more compact, most cost-effective lithium-ion UPS batteries. The unit’s optional integration with switchgear simplifies site wiring and reduces installation costs and the potential for wiring errors, all while limiting the space needed. And with Eaton’s Energy Saver System mode activated, the Power Xpert 9395C can reach 99 percent efficiency, making this an ideal choice for large data ce nters and multi-tenant data centers.

9335 UPS

9390 40-160 kVA UPS Series:
power performance, battery management, scalable architecture, flexibility & power density

End of Life. For replacement see: 93PM
Designed to meet the current and future power protection requirements of data centers, manufacturing operations, medical facilities and other large-system applications, the Powerware 9390 provides the most robust combination of power performance, battery management, scalable architecture, flexibility, power density, and warranty and service.

Large UPS - Three Phase (Legacy):

9335 UPS


Powerware 9335 80 & 120 kVA UPS

The Powerware 9335 UPS is designed for the fast-growing power quality and backup power management needs of the 80 and 120 kVA application markets. 

9320 UPS


Powerware 9320 10-60 kVA UPS

Three Phase UPS ranging in size from 10 - 60kVA and modular in design and expandable. N+2 redundancy. Powerware 7x24 onsite service available.

9330 UPS


Powerware 9330 10-40 kVA UPS

Three Phase UPS power protection in a 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40kVA model in a true double conversion online design.



Powerware 9315 30-750kVA UPS

Three Phase UPS power protection ranging in size from 30kVA to 750kVA including redundant power systems. Includes bypass switches, network connectivity and 7x24 onsite service.

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