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Code Operated SwitchCode-operated switches that has five RS-232 serial ports consisting of a Master Port and four sub-channel ports. The user will enter an ASCII command from a computer that is transmitted over the Master port.
Remote Secure Console ServersAsync2IP, Async2IP & Sync2IP Web converts the full duplex async or sync 4- port serial data stream to an encrypted TCP/IP packet stream on a 10/100 LAN.
Rate Adapters & ConvertersECD Adapters include adapters for async to sync and sync to async interfaces and interface converters.
Data Broadcast UnitsECD Data Broadcast Units (DBU) 1-port to Multiple Ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-530, HSSI or ECL interfaces, and receives only broadcast applications.
Interface ConvertersECD Interface Converters between any combination of RS-232, V.35, RS-422/449, X.21, RS-530, TTL and customer specific requests
Line DriversECD Line Drivers for synchronous or asynchronous Point-to-Point or Multi-point operation.
Sharing DevicesECD Sharing Devices offers modem sharing or port sharing applications in polled, contention & broadcast environments. DCE/DTE selectable. CE APPROVED for Europe.
Modem EliminatorsECD Modem Eliminators - V.35, X.21, RS-232, RS-530"
FIFO BufferECD Fifo Buffers provide Tail-Circuit Buffers, Satellite Buffers for terrestrial and satellite delays
Router Delay SimulatorECD Router Delay Simulators & tail circuit buffers for simulating router delays, including long data delays and breakout box test sets.
MultiplexerECD Multiplexers for unconditioned 2-wire line, PBX extensions, video conferencing applications
Ethernet Stress TestingEthernet Traffic Generation for Stress and Functional Testing equipment. Designed to generate and monitor Ethernet IP traffic the EDS-1G, STG-1G & STG-10G models
Single Phase UPS Systems Eaton Powerware Single Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers series 3, series 5, series 9 and Ferrups ranging from 300 watts to 11KVA.
Three Phase UPS Systems Eaton Powerware Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) offers BladeUPS Power Systems, 93E, 9E, 9355, 9390 family, Scalable & N+1.
PDU Systems Eaton ePDU basic, metered, advanced monitored, switched, managed, FlexPDU, HotSwap MBP, REPO, ATS, Cables, Environmental Monitoring probe products.
Power Xpert Meter & Gateway products • Web-Based Meters used for   power monitoring to detect   sags, swells, and harmonics.
• LEED qualified meter series   for comprehensive power   measurements and logging.
• Ethernet based gateway   products for integrating third   party power energy   equipment.
48VDC Rectifiers & Inverters Eaton 48VDC Rectifier Power Systems offers -48VDC Modular and scalable in Rack Mount configuration with redundancy and Ethernet controller.
Surge Products • Commercial grade AC power   protection
• Type 1 surge device for   installation before or after the   main service disconnect
• Convenient mounting options   -universal fit to any   manufacturer's equipment
• Clear, visible LED indication   displaying status of the surge   protector
Rack Enclosures &
2 and 4 Post RailEaton Rack Enclosure Series Includes 2 & 4 Post Rail Packages are formerly Wright-Line products, up to 48U complete fully-welded steel enclosures.
Connectivity & Software Connectivity products are hardware and software products in Powerware's portfolio that are offered as accessories to the Powerware UPS products. These connectivity products are used to interface Powerware UPSs to external communication devices. Powerware has a variety of connectivity products to ensure communications compatibility with a variety of external devices through the web, SNMP, relays, serial or USB.
Ethernet OutdoorsCopper and fiber Ethernet switches for wide temperature range uncontrolled environments.
Ethernet SwitchesRugged Industrial managed Ethernet Switches both fiber & copper 10/100 and Gigabit speeds & POE, NEBS Compliant or Certified, AC & DC voltages for Indoor & Outdoor use. Also, includes Layer 2 & 3 switches.
Power Over Ethernet (PoE)PoE works w/o modification to the existing Ethernet copper cabling. Power over Ethernet is standardized in IEEE 802.3af-compliant -48 volts DC to devices at a maximum current of 350 mA. This allows devices to draw up to 15.4 watts.
Media ConvertersHarsh environment 10/100, Gigabit Converter switches for fiber to copper industrial network edge conversion with DIN RAIL and PoE, AC & DC voltages, NEBS compliant.
Terminal ServersTerminal Server network-enables serial devices and remote console ports in power utility substations, transportation systems & other rugged environments. SCADA, remote device access, physical surveillance, metering and other applications using serial protocols can be integrated with IP/Ethernet networks.
Router SeriesServes as both an IP router & firewall; Configurable WAN ports, Ethernet ports & serial ports; Advanced cyber security capabilities, with stateful IP firewall & NAT/PAT, IPsec and VPN support.
DYMEC products for Utilities & Power SubstationsHardened fiber and copper Ethernet products for tough environment, power line communications, and +125VDC requirements, meeting the IEEE 1613 and IEC61850-3 specifications.
SoftwareMagnum™ Managed Networks Software for the 6k family, 10k family, DX family, managed routers and switches including S-Ring, Redundant Ethernet, Spanning Tree.
IP67 Waterproof SwitchesThe OCTOPUS switches are suited for outdoor applications with rough environmental conditions. Because of the branch typical approvals, they can be used in transport applications (T1/E1), as well as in trains (EN 50155) and ships (GL).
Wireless SwitchesWLAN access points and clients of the BAT family for wireless industrial data transmission: for the use in robust outdoor applications as well as in hazardous areas, due to the extended temperature range or the M12 connectors for in- and outdoor applications in rough environment, as well as in hazardous areas.
Security, Firewall & VPN RoutersControl of the access to the network: The efficient Industrial Firewall System offers a scalable Security-Functionality. From a pure firewall to a firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network). Main Features: distributed security solution: redundancy for high availability, scalable operating concept.
Indutrial RoutersThe MACH4000 backbone switch is full featured switch and suits all applications - especially large networks, with a big number of media modules, high port density and the extendable routing functionality. Because of the huge amount of supported routing protocols and the three 10GBit/s Ports is the switch that is the best choice for the industrial backbone market.
Unmanged DIN-Rail SwitchesIndustrial Ethernet Rail Switches includes 10/100, Giga PoE ports. This includes single mode and multi-mode fiber.
Ruggedized SwitchesWith its RSR and MACH1000 Ruggedized Rail Switches, Hirschmann™ offers a highly flexible, long-lived product family that has been designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.
Modular Industrial SwitchesIndustrially compatible, flexible, economical and future-safe. Regardless of standard or configurable switches, the modular structure pays off especially in the long term: MICE Switches and media modules offer you maximum flexibility and therefore perfectly prepared for the growing network demands of the future.
Network Management SoftwareOverview of software for use with Industrial Ethernet switches. Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux operating systems, PROFINET. Optimized for Hirschmann devices. Network visualization and configuration software.
NEBSFully welded steel construction providing maximum strength for rack mounted equipment in the most severe seismic environments tested and certified to Bellcore GR-63-CORE. Zone 4 seismic Rugged bolt-down base weldment. 12-24 tapped holes on standard EIA 310 rack mount pattern.
Outdoors and CustomAll Martin Enclosures are designed to be rugged, Weather-Proofed and Environmentally controlled as determined by specific customer requirements of each applications.
Air Conditioned Racks4K BTU with 6U of rackable space, to In-Row Chilled Water Heat Exchange Cooling is the latest addition to the Martin Enclosures In-Row Solution product offering. As with the PDE, the HXU is enclosed in the same extruded style frame design as the Server Enclosures, and the height and depth are always the same. The width is 12" (half a tile width).
Wall MountInnovative design to incorporate accessibility, convenience, and security. Specifically designed for space-constrained applications, mounts directly to building walls freeing up valuable floor space. 19" rack-mountable spacing. 6U Wall Patch Panel Box with 1 pr. of vertical 1032 Tapped 12 Ga. mounting rails plated clear zinc, adjustable front to rear. Vertical Wallmount with 4U, 6U, or 8U of rack mount space and 30" of useable depth.
Shipboardstandard shielded enclosures are designed to meet typical FCC EMI RFI attenuation requirements. 
Table Top CabinetsProvides economical storage for areas of limited space or when full server rack is not desired. Ideal for factory floor, laboratory, or mobile applications.
Open LAN RacksConstructed of high-grade 6063-T5 extruded aluminum offering superior strength and quality. The Open LAN Server Rack enables you to maximize available floor space while organizing LAN equipment.
Power Distribution Units (PDUs)Data center managers, facility managers and design engineers now have a new power distribution system available that will reduce circuit costs, increase flexibility and compliment reliability improvements. The Martin Power Distribution Enclosure (PDE) with integrated wire management reduces sealtight cable costs and the need for external raceways.
Single Phase Switched PDUSingle Phase intelligent switched power strip managed by IP (SNMP or Ethernet) to remote reboot data center servers. Rack mounted or floor mounted.
Three Phase Switched PDUThree Phase intelligent switched power strip managed by IP (SNMP or Ethernet) to remote reboot data center servers. Rack mounted or floor mounted.
Single Phase
Metered PDUSingle Phase metered PDU that provides branch circuit protection for input and output current monitoring with circuit breaker protection.
Three Phase
Metered PDUSingle & Three Phase metered PDU that provides branch circuit protection for input and output current monitoring with circuit breaker protection.
Single Phase
Basic PDUSingle Phase Eaton Pulizzi Z line Basic PDU (Power Distribution Units) low cost vertical or horizontal power strips in US or International receptacles.
Three Phase
Basic PDUThree Phase Eaton Pulizzi Z line Basic PDU (Power Distribution Units) low cost vertical or horizontal power strips in US or International receptacles.
Single phase remote emergency power offEaton Pulizzi Z line single phase remote emergency power off switches & panels for rapid disconnect of power, mandatory for data centers.
Three phase remote emergency power offEaton Pulizzi Z line three phase remote emergency power off switches & panels for rapid disconnect of power, mandatory for data centers.
Single Phase Auto Transfer SwitchesEaton Pulizzi Z line single phase automatic transfer switches not for generators but for switching between two or more UPS systems if one fails.
Three Phase Auto Transfer SwitchesEaton Pulizzi Z line 3 phase automatic transfer switches not for generators but for switching between two or more UPS systems if one fails.
Single Phase Voltage TransformersPulizzi offers Single Phase Voltage Transformers in 1U & 2U Rack mount units with NEMA outlets and spike & surge suppression.
HDOT UnitsIntroducing the HDOT™ (High Density Outlet Technology, Patent Pending). High power densities and reduced cabinet space for C13 and C19 outlets giving up to 42 C13’s in a 42U high by 1U wide device. Additional features include high native cord retention that eliminates the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices. Manufactured with high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 ¬ame allows use in harsh environments. To order the HDOT PDU please contact Bomara for the configuration options. HDOT technology is available in Metered and Smart PDUs.
Switched POPS CDUsIn addition to Switched PDU reboot abilities for network access to remote sites and data center equipment the Switched POPS Cabinet PDU provides per outlet measurements of current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor.
Smart POPS CDUsSmart POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) CDUs™ that monitor and track servers and IT equipment and the equipment cabinet infrastructure that houses them.
PIP w/o POPS CDUsPIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) technology replaces power monitoring at the RPP (Remote Power Panel) in data centers with higher accuracy and lower cost monitoring of each power circuit attached to a CDU. This new product feature also replaces the already accurate Digital True RMS feature currently available on intelligent Smart, Switched and POPS CDUs by bringing more types of power measurements from the power infeed to the built in graphic user interface (GUI).
-48VDC Power ManagementRemote Reboot Power Switch to control remote sites and minimize the impact of locked-up routers, servers, and other network devices. The Sentry -48 VDC family of Intelligent PDU's verifies voltage at each power input/outlet connection, provides real time recording of current draw and offers environmental monitoring. Each power output terminal is protected by a GMT or TPA fuse. There is a wide fuse capacity range available.
Full Product FamilyServer Technology power distribution units & power management both single phase & 3 phase, vertical and horizontal, rackmount, PDU & CDU products.

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