Model 2351

Ethernet Fiber Optic Modem on a ISA NIC Card


This part is discontinued. Please contact Bomara Associates for an alternative solution.

S.I. Tech Model 2351 Ethernet Fiber Optic Modem


  • Low power consumption making it ideal for energy efficient systems
  • Intel-Microsoft Plug 'n Play ISA compatibility SNMP compatible
  • High performance Concurrent Processing early interrupt technology for increased network throughput
  • LED status indicators for easy troubleshooting
  • Flash upgrade for Flash Works manageability and Boot Room support
  • Configuration utility auto senses IRQ setting, eliminating need to set jumpers or switches
  • Multimode or single mode option

S.I.Tech 2351 Ethernet to fiber Bit-Driver® is board level fiber optic communication product fully tested for compatibility with leading 16-Bit ISA bus computers including IBM AT's and compatibles, Providing complete compatibility to the widest variety of PC platforms though a proven buffered slave architecture, Desktop Management Interface (DMI) equipped drivers provide board client PC manageability.

The use of this board in a computer requires that a companion fiber optic transceiver (see fig. 1) be located at the termination end to any Ethernet medium, AUI, coax or twisted pair.


Operating distance is dependent upon optical fiber core diameter and the cables' optical attenuation. The table below indicates cables that may be used at any data rate. S.I.Tech offers complete links including fiber optic cable, connectors, cable assemblies, and Bit-Driver®.


Operating Mode: Ethernet IEEE 802.3
On-Board Buffer Memory: 32KB
Interrupts: 3,5,9,10,11
Input/Output Interface: IBM PCs 25 & 30 (hardware compatibility) AT, EISA compatible
Transmission Line Interface: ST optical connector standard (SMA option)
Transmission Distance: 6600 ft. (2km), (5 km and 10 km option)
Transmitter Output Power: 15 Microwatts into 62.5/125 Micron fiber
System Wavelength: 820 nm (1300 nm Multi or Single mode Option)
Data Rate: 10 Mbps
Bit Error Rate: 10-9
Receiver Sensitivity: 1 Microwatts @ 820 nm
LED Diagnostics: TX/RX/Link/Col
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Size: Half Card (3.5" x 6.5")
Weight: 8 oz. (0.25 grams)
Input Power: Powered from PC Bus – 5 Watts @ 5V
Software Compatibility: - NDIS 3.0 WindowNT, Windows for Workgroups 3.11
- Artisoft LANtastic
- Novell Netware
- Windows '95
- IBM LANserver

Operating Distance for Fiber Optic Cable

S.I. Tech Model 2351 Diagram

Optical unit connection: Connect the T and R receptacles. Note which cable channel goes to T or R by noting cable imprint. On the other end, reverse the connection.

S.I. Tech Model 2351 Diagram

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